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Family Tree Quilt Kit


Well, I brought a few of these to the FGS conference in Philadelphia in 2008 and they sold out right away, so I got a few more. Create an extraordinary wedding, anniversary or engagement gift with this beautiful family tree panel and kit. This is the KIT and it contains: The family tree panel and ovals (as I described in the "Family Tree Fabric Panel"), border, binding and backing material are included. You can also use this as the center for a bed size quilt or wall hanging. There is a lot more fabric here for the border than we show you here so this can get larger if you choose.

Have fun! These are great! Final measurements: 29" x 29".

Family Tree Quilt Fabric Panel



We are one of the very first to get this simply BEAUTIFUL quilt panel and it's something that Bev has wanted to get her hands on for a long time!!! So cool! This is a Family Tree Quilt PANEL from a bolt that we got through Benartex.

There are two blank banners (for personalizing with your family surname) and one banner that says "Our Family Tree". There are 21 ovals for personalizing with individual names. You can use an embroidery type sewing machine or Micron Pigma pens (or equivalent) for adding your own names. To personalize, you can print out your names on a word processing program on white paper (to the size they fit the ovals) and put the printed type image behind the oval and then trace using a light box or a window (for backlighting). Instructions come on the panel to guide you through this. Measurements: The TREE image is 24" wide x 24" tall. Each oval is 3-1/2" wide x 1-1/2" tall.

Get 'em while they are HOT!!! These are sweet!